Monday, September 24, 2018
Pool Design and Installation

A Tallahassee pool is the perfect accessory for a Florida home. With so many different sizes and shapes available, though, it can be difficult to select just one. To narrow down your vision of the perfect swimming area, ask yourself how it will be used. Do you plan to swim laps daily? Do your children need an extensive shallow end? Once you’ve concocted the image of your perfect pool, contact Fain Builders. We design and install quality pools and look forward to turning your dreams into reality.

Expect the following when you contact Fain Builders for information about a Tallahassee pool:

  • Design – One of our employees will arrive at your home to measure your pool area and discuss the ideal final product. Feel free to ask questions; the cost of in ground swimming pools can vary widely depending on design and installation. We’ll usually be able to give you a written quote within a few days, as well as a rough design of the pool
  • Installation – After you sign on the dotted line, we get to work. We use our own employees for much of the labor, and if we do need to hire subcontractors, we only select those we know are talented and dependable. Our aim is the same as yours. We want to be sure that at the end of this process you have a perfectly designed and installed pool.

There’s no need to go through another summer without a Tallahassee pool. Call Fain Builders and discover how economical it can be to have one installed in your own backyard.